Yashve Kalati: From India to Australia to the US ~ A Path to Success

In this Continuum™ podcast, Yashve Kalati discusses her
diverse background and educational journey. Born in India, she moved to Sydney,
Australia, for part of her schooling before returning to India and eventually
moving to the U.S. Yashve graduated from the Univer of San Diego, initially a
pre-med student, she switched to business economics and analytics, influenced
by her family's business background and her own interests.


She talks about her involvement in the Student International
Business Council (SIBC), where she developed skills in presentation and
networking. Yashve now works as an analyst where she enjoys being the link
between business and technology teams.


Yashve is a testament to the power of embracing change and
leveraging experiences to forge a unique career path.  Enjoy!

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