Rich Dickason: How Community and Family Shaped a Banking Legend

This Continuum™ episode is an insightful conversation with Rich Dickason. We chronicle Rich’s extensive career, detailing his journey from earning his accounting degree to becoming a revered figure in banking, specifically with Exchange Bank in Atchison, Kansas, where he spent an impressive 50 years. Beyond his professional achievements, Rich delves into his personal philosophy, emphasizing the importance of patience, community involvement, and the profound impact of balancing career ambitions with family life. His narrative also reflects on his connection with Benedictine College, Notre Dame, the evolution of the banking industry, the challenges of regulatory compliance, and the fulfillment derived from contributing to the community and nurturing a supportive, inclusive workplace culture. Through his tremendous experiences, Rich offers timeless wisdom on the essence of ethical banking, the power of mentorship, and the joys of small-town living, all while maintaining a deep commitment to family and community values.

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