Pathways of Purpose: Bernadette Jordan on Leadership, Social Innovation and Service

Bernadette Jordan (Notre Dame BA 2016, University of San Diego MA 2018) joins Continuum™ for this engaging session. Bernadette’s story is a testament to the power of legacy, education, and service. From her transition from studying pre-med to embracing sociology, all driven by her desire to impact social facets of health rather than its scientific aspects. Her volunteer work with Augustinian Volunteers and her deep involvement in addressing homelessness through innovative social enterprises provide compelling insights into how we can each make a difference.

Her dedication to using business as a force for good, integrating sustainable energy solutions in underprivileged areas, and her vision for social innovation are truly inspiring. Bernadette’s journey underscores the importance of leadership that combines personal passion with a commitment to the greater good.

Today, Bernadette is the Executive Director of Let’s Share The Sun Foundation™, continuing the family legacy and reinforcing her commitment to giving back.

“I think giving back is so important. For me, it sets my soul on fire. Service brings me the most joy in life.”

For anyone interested in social entrepreneurship, sustainability or leadership, Bernadette’s insights are invaluable. This is your chance to get inspired to make your own impact and drive change in our communities and beyond!

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