Navigating Life’s Classrooms: Keri Mickelson’s Adventures in Teaching, Learning, and Giving Back

Keri Mickelson’s journey is a vibrant and transformative trajectory, originating from her roots in Phoenix. Keri’s academic endeavors took her to Notre Dame for her undergraduate degree, followed by a MA degree in literature from Northern Arizona University. Her career path is marked by diverse experiences, from teaching in Alaska to the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan. Returning to the US, Keri created her path and a profound calling in education and community service.

Keri later transitioned to a leadership role in a charter school, significantly accelerating its growth and development. Keri’s narrative is not only about her professional journey, but also her personal growth, resilience, and the ongoing quest to make meaningful community contributions through her passions for education and nonprofit work. As Keri says: “I feel really good when I’m working for the common good.”

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