Murf: A Notre Dame Legend

In the past 50+ years, if you have been on Notre Dame's campus and visited Leahy's or Rohr's, you have most likely met Patrick Murphy. Murf is the icon behind the bar – listener, waiter, storyteller, confidant and bartender. Murf began working at Notre Dame at the age of 15, with 2023 being his 54th “season”.

This Continuum™ podcast covers Murf's early days at Leahy's to the evolution to Rohr's and his focus to create a welcome environment. Murf shares a few stories – Notre Dame coaches, players, parents, Wayne Gretzky and Regis Philbin. And Father Hesburgh, including the creation of Father Hesburgh's Manhattan. Murf's insights into Notre Dame's unique culture, its impact on students and staff, and the appreciation visiting teams and fans have for the university are priceless.

Throughout the interview, Murf's passion for Notre Dame and his role in its community shines through. He discusses the importance of family, health and happiness in a fulfilling life, and expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to share his stories and experiences with others.

“Notre Dame isn't just a place; it's a living, breathing story, and I've had the honor of being one of its storytellers.”

Yes, a legend.

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