Mike McDaniel: Transforming Challenges into Triumphs

Mike McDaniel joins us for this Continuum™ episode. Mike shares his remarkable journey from a small farming town in California to becoming a distinguished professor at LSU-Shreveport. Throughout the interview, Mike discussed pivotal moments in his life, including his transition from pre-med to English at the University of California-Berkeley, his early teaching career and how his endeavor in the Air Force led him to Notre Dame, and then to a highly successful sales career. You’ll have to listen to understand how Mike transitioned to academia!

Mike highlights the importance of having a plan and a personal strategy, the power of purpose in leadership, and the value of taking risks. His insights into leadership and personal development are invaluable for anyone looking to navigate their career with intention and resilience. One of the courses Mike teaches is Strategy. His ability to mix business and personal strategy is refreshing.

“Whether it’s business or your life, we have this strategy. When we talk about strategy, it’s always talking about looking at all the external forces, looking at all the internal forces that could threaten you, things you’re good at, things you’re not good at. You’re looking at all those things and you’re coming up with a plan. But the reality is life happens.

Discover how Mike’s diverse experiences have shaped his unique perspective on education, leadership and life.

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