Engineering Change: J-D Yoder’s Blueprint for a Better World

In this enlightening Continuum™ podcast episode, we delve into the life and philosophies of John-David Yoder, a figure synonymous with leadership, empathy, and community service. Born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana, and a proud alumnus of Notre Dame, J-D’s journey through engineering and beyond is a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact.

Throughout the conversation, J-D, Dean of the T.J. Smull College of Engineering at Ohio Northern University, emphasizes the significance of understanding, kindness and contributing positively to society. He shares valuable insights on leadership, the importance of mentorship, and the profound impact of giving back. Highlighting his inspirations, J-D recommends influential reads and reflects on personal achievements, notably the influence of Ohio Northern University on young lives. His vision for a kinder world resonates as a powerful message, underscoring his dedication to personal growth and societal betterment.

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